The standard of practice for Bradley Method® teachers is 12 continuous weeks of classes. Because it works!  More couples are able to birth naturally with 3 months of practice than shorter classes.  Getting ready for birth takes time. Dr. Bradley liked to say it is an athletic event. Birth is very much like climbing a mountain and it is wise to get in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally before making the climb.
Course Content
Class 1. Introduction / Handling Pain in Labor
Class 2. Nutrition in Pregnancy / Breastfeeding Benefits

Class 3. Pregnancy / Gestation / Coaching Challenges

Class 4. The Coach’s Role / What Coaches Often Say / Myths in Birthing

Class 5. Intro to First Stage Labor / How Your Body Works / First Stage Practice
Class 6. Intro to Second Stage Labor / How Your Body Works / Second Stage Practice
Class 7. Planning Your Birth / Positive Communication / Dr. Caldeyro-Barcia Study Helps
Class 8. Variations and Complications
Class 9. Advanced First Stage Techniques
Class 10. Advanced Second Stage Techniques
Class 11. Being a Great Coach / Are You Ready?
Class 12. Preparing for Your New Family / Newborn Procedures